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Crosswind 4X4 HP All Season 245/60R18 105V SUV/Crossover Tire

Crosswind 4X4 HP All Season 245/60R18 105V SUV/Crossover Tire

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Attention! Due to the size of the tires . Packages might be SEPARATED in the courier facility and not be DELIVERED on the SAME DAY . even though we do ship them together. Tracking information can be checked by logging on to the courier website with the master tracking number you will receive via email. For example . you can receive 3 tires in one day and the 4th one the next day or the day after . or one tire in one day and the second one day after. We understand that this is a big inconvenience for our buyers . however . this is ABSOLUTELY out of our control.

Crosswind (Linglong) 4X4 HP


  • All season traction
  • High speed controllability
  • Longer-lasting tread life
  • High driving comfort levels


The Crosswind (Linglong) 4X4 HP is a performance and high performance tire made for passenger vehicles and SUVs. This model has touring sizes available as well.

The tire offers great all season traction by utilizing the durable compound and the detailed tread design. Their combination improves its dry . wet . and winter grip. The tread elements feature sipes that provide better traction . while the compound keeps the tire pliable throughout the year. Hydroplaning is avoided thanks to the circumferential grooves. As a result . water and slush are dispersed from below the footprint . further improving wet-weather performance.

The tread design maintains surface contact and improves its handling. Better controllability helps to increase its steering responsiveness and driving stability. Great faster and more precise steering responses are guaranteed . while the structure is secured against driving pressure. The shoulder block placement firmly grips the road surface with extra biting edges . boosting maneuvering as well. The strengthened internal structure and the heat-resistant compound improve its high speed durability and performance.

The variable pitch pattern helps to decrease road noise levels. This pattern generates a special sound-canceling frequency that prevents sound wave formations while the tires are in motion. In this manner . road disturbances do not ruin the passengers driving enjoyment as road noise does not reach the vehicle’s cabin. This guarantees a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

The Crosswind (Linglong) 4X4 HP also improves its usability. The wear-resistant compound and the stable ribbed tread design increase its tread life. The compound blend avoids premature wear along the tread area . while the tread ensures even wear along the tread area to prevent irregular wear. This combination significantly upgrades its service life.

Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years. As long as tires are properly stored before they are sold . the year of their manufacture will not shorten their service life.

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